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Online Event Japanese Traditional Kimono 2022

You enjoy about Japanese authentic Kimono in this online event. Join us!

Pre-event: Nippori Tour and Opening event at 11:00 JST(about one hour)
Nippori is a gateway from/to Natita airport. Our tour guide will show you around the area including Nippori Fabric Town, a perfect place for sewing lovers. Opening Event at Akamonkai Japanese Language School with students learning Japanese here in Tokyo.
Main event: Kimono Lesson at 14:00 – 15:30, 16:00 - 17:30 JST (two sessions)
Shochiku-costume, the top company which deals with a wide range of costumes and props for Kabuki, Nihon Buyo, samurai drama and so on, will show you from the basic of Kimono to the gimmicks of costume. The student participants will try different kinds of costumes and learn how to act in the costumes. Duration: 1 hour for the event another 1 hour for the photo session. Online participants can ask questions during the photo session.

The event's done. Now you can pay the fee to watch the movie.

Language English
Type online(Zoom)
Details Brochure
Accepting Jul 07 12:00 2022 JST
Application deadline Jun 29 12:00 2022 JST
Event date Jun 29 11:00 2022 JST
Event fee 1USD
Payment PayPal

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