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Japanese Traditional KIMONO 2023

AUTHENTIC Japanese Traditional KIMONO (Workshop + Wearing)! -supported by Shochiku Costume Join us!

●What is special?

The specialist of traditional KIMONO from Shochiku Costume will invite you to the AUTHENTIC kimono world with comprehensive explanations, with English interpretation by National licensed English Speaking tour guides. VERY GOOD OPPORTUNITIES TO LERAN “REAL JAPAN”, brushing up your Japanese!
See, touch, feel and discover the secret and gimmick of REAL KIMONO in Kabuki!
Geisha? Town girl? Samurai? Ninja? -dressed by professionals and TIME TO TAKE PHOTOS on the stage which used to be a part of REAL Kabuki stage.

●Tour Itinerary

13:00 Meet your tour guide at the ticket gate(2F) of Kasai Rinkai Koen (Park) Station (JE06)    Walk to Shochiku Costume with your tour guide (approx. 15min.walk)
13:30 Workshop + Kimono Wearing by the specialist & English interpreter.
15:00 Walk back to Kasai Rinkai Koen (Park) Station (JE06)
15:30 End of the tour


◎The tour will be recorded and might be used for advertisement, means real tour guests will be on our advertisement materials. Please be aware of this.
◎Cancellation fee: After payment to 31days before 20%, 30-15days before 30%, 14-3days before 40%, 2days-tour day 50%, NO-SHOW, after tour started or late for departure NON REFUNDABLE.
Language English, Japanese
Type normal tour
Details Brochure
Accepting Aug 30 12:00 2023 JST
Application deadline Oct 17 12:00 2023 JST
Event date Oct 21 13:00 2023 JST
Event fee 5,000JPY
Payment PayPal

This event's application was closed