Introduction of a Lao tour guide
2013-04-29 Khamphuwath SIIZOMPHU  
Dear Sir and Madam
my name is Khamphuwath SIIZOMPHU, i am a travel company's tour guide and a marketing staff.
very happy to know you via this website, in this chance i would like to introduce my self as I would like to serve you any time in Laos.
Do not hesitate just mail me or call me at above E-mail or phone: 856 20 2899 8547
thank you very much

Require for deleting announcement
2014-10-31  Khamphuwath siizomphu
To admin
please delete this announcement due to I am no longer doing this job.

Introduction of a Lao tour guide
2013-04-30  Coco
Dear Khamphuwat,
Thanks so much for your inquiry.
Unfortunately, this page is only for tourguides for Japan, but we have another page to introduce guides and specialists in foreign countries.
For further detail, would you please contact me with your profile?
Once again, thank you so much for your contact and looking forward to hearing from you,

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