5day 4nite tours
2013-05-01 ken  
We have mini group of 8person would like to tour
osaka kyoto,nara and one more to be recomended in Mid November 2013

5 day 4 night tour
2013-05-09  AMY
Dear Ken,

Thank you for your flight detail.
Your arrival time is 6:30 am in Kansai International Airport, November 11th and departure time is 11:00am, November 15th.
In that case, I would suggest you to visit Kyoto first for two nights, then one night in Nara and last night in Osaka. It might be convenient to stay last night in Osaka becauce you need to be in Kansai International Airport early next morning.

You can take a limousine bus(approx. 85minutes) or Airport Express Haruka(approx. 75minutes) to get to Kyoto. They make one or two runs an hour. Please check Kansai International Airport Access Information
( http://www.kansai-airport.or.jp/en/access)

If you need assistance with your hotel arragement or need a guide, please let us know anytime.
kind regards, Amy


Re: 5day 4nite tours
2013-05-06  Ken
Dear Amy,

Flight detail : KUL OSA MH 10/11 MH52 eta 11/11 0630
OSA KUL MH 15/11 MH53 ETD 15/11 1100


5 day 4 night tours
2013-05-02  AMY
Dear Ken,
Thank you very much for your inquiry.
So you'd like to have 5days and 4nights tour.
It depends on your flight schedule but I'd like to recommend you to visit Osaka and Nara for each day and stay in kyoto for the rest of the days.
Kyoto was the ancient capital of Japan over 1000 years
and there are so many nice places to visit,like Kinkaku-ji temple, Ginkaku-ji temple, Kiyomizu-dera temple etc.

If you have more questions, please write me anytime.
I hope you'll have nice trip to Japan this November.
with regards, Amy

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