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2013-08-18 Ivy Chia  
This is my third time to Japan. Arrival on 31/10/2013 around 20.30pm at Haneda Airport. Three od us are plan to go Hokkaido for 2 night, Akita 2 night & Tokyo 2 night.
Is can go all this place by JR 7 days Pass???

8D6N Japan Trip
2013-08-31  Ivy chia
Hi Coco, thank you for your reply. I had book Sakura Hotel in Ikebukora on 5/11 - 7/11. I had been to Hokkaido before. My main visit this trip is Akita, but wonder its safe for traveling? If so, we don't mind to stay in Akita for 4 night, please recommend us the budget accomodation also.

Reply:Advise Travel Plan 8D6N
2013-08-31  Coco
Hi Ivy,
So sorry to be late to get back to you.
All of us have been away for long tours.
Technically, you can travel those places by JR.
But, Hokkaido is very far from Tokyo to get by train(6-10hours from Tokyo, up to the place you visit in Hokkaido(Hokkaido is a very big island)
If you value time rather than money, I would suggest you:
-Stay overnight in Tokyo
-Travel from Tokyo to Akita
-Travel from Akita to Hokkaido(At least 5hours trip by JR)
-Travel from Hokkaido to Haneda by air and make connection flight at Tokyo
To give you more ideas in detail, please advise where(name of the town) you are planning to visit in Hokkaido.
Looking forward to hereing from you,

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