2014-01-08 Irwan Hasan  
Hi Tour Guide. I plan to visit osaka until tokyo for 13days. Could you inform me which part of japan should I visit? Also which area for me to stay (eg at kyoto, mt fuji, nagano, tokyo, etc) for booking at  Thank you

2014-01-17  Coco
Hi, Irwan-san,

Thanks for your visit.
To give you aight suggestions, would you please advise following information?

-Transportation in Japan(Do you plan to self-drive? or use publis transportations)
-How many days in Osaka and how many days in Tokyo or you haven't decided yet?
-Dats of your traveling(I might suggest you regular tours or private guide if you can afford it. Some regular tours are not operated everyday. I would like to have traveling dates to be helpful enough)

All the best,

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