Travel 4-13 feb 2013
2014-01-14 Chaladda  
I need a guide for 4 day travel in tokyo.

Re:Travel 4-13 feb 2013
2014-01-17  Coco
Hi, Chaladda-san,
Thank you so much for your inquiry.
Since it seemes we don't have so much time left, I would like to make a suitable
quotation for you at once.
To do so, it is a bit difficult to make the right suggestion only with your
current information.
Would you please at least advise following information for me?

-Number of guests
-Places you would like to visit
-Your accomodation
-Total budget per group, excluding your flight and you personal expences(MEANS THE

Sorry to ask you so many, but since our plans are always tailor-made tours based on demands and wishes from the guests, and I don't want you to waste your time to receive the plan which is not what you want.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
All the best,

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