Need Guide
2014-08-29 Ejaz  
Dear, I am Ejaz From Pakistan I planing to coming Japan for 13 Days. During my visit i will see Mount Fuji , Kyoto and Nara. I need a Person who set my Visit schedule. if you have any information kindly share with me.


Re:Need Guide
2014-09-02  Coco
Since you did not give me the budget, I am not sure the plans I will provide you will be suitable, but I will send you e-mail with some ideas later on.

Need Guide
2014-09-01  Ejz
Number of Guests .... One
Age : 32 years
No need of hotel booking i will book myself.
Still not confirm my air ticket, soon will be confirm then i will tell you.

You set my schedule day by day.
maybe 13 oct to 25 Oct.

Re:Need Guide
2014-09-01  Coco
Dear Ejaz

Thanks so much for your inquiry.
To proved you the suitable ideas, at least I need these information below.

-Number of guests and ages
-Rooming of accomodation(i.E. 02Twin rooms) if you require hotel bookings, too.
-Maxium budget per person you could afford
-Exact date of arriving(if fixed)
-Flight schedule(if fixed)

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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