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Tokyo tower 2012-10-13
Tokyo Tower is a communications and observation tower in Shiba area, Tokyo.
That red colored 333meters self-standing tower is still one of the famous landmarks in Tokyo even after the construction of the world famous Tokyo Skytree.
There is another landmark in Shiba, Zojoji Temple nearby.
It is very interesting to take a photo of that traditional temple, Zojoji with backdrop of the modern tower, Tokyo Tower-it is very unique combination!

Tokyo Tower was built in 1958, about 10years later of Japan's defeat of the Second World War. Many buildings were constructed around that time, but I believe the high tower stood in recovering Tokyo particularly encourage people to revitalize the counrty. In fact, quite a few elderly people still have nostalgia for the tower.

Tokyo Tower is still popular among the young as well.
That tower has many legends both of romantic ones and scary ones.

The romantic one is, "light down legend". Tokyo Tower is illuminated in the night time and the light is turned off for a moment at 0:00 midnight.
It is said that the couples who see that moment will be happy together to all eternity.

There are also some scary legend or rumor of Tokyo Tower.
It is said the tower was built on the cemetery and is leaning little by little since the ghosts are pulling down the tower.

Let's visit the tower in the midnight-and it is up to you to see the romantic legend with your boyfriend girlfriend or spouse....or be brave to see the leaning tower!

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